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Developer rsdev
Latest version 0.3.1g
Release date 2024-03-13

Description[edit | edit source]

Everyone's favourite Take No Prisoners branch. Lets you take prisoners, rape them, hold their hands, and much more! Has an in-depth slave training system, letting you train them and treat them how you wish. Prisoners can be broken, and can be made to join your fleet. Also includes a breeding facility structure.

Compatible with the big anime-style mods such as Iron Shell and UAF.

Banned from 109 mod repositories, and caused untold seethe and drama.

Installation[edit | edit source]

Standard installation same as any other Starsector mod.

Download[edit | edit source] | Main page

Screenshots[edit | edit source]

6YUX7l9.png dp5oGjy.png SsD8uTL.png Bgr8fEj.png