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General[edit | edit source]

This site seeks to be as light weight and efficient as possible, so no files or images are hosted here.

To use an external image you just need to paste the URL with no extra formatting.

Game pages[edit | edit source]

When making a page for a new game make the page name Game Name mods, this helps with search results.

Add the Infobox game template. For the boxart use the boxart thumbnail off wikipedia if possible.

Mod pages[edit | edit source]

Only upload mods you have permission to upload.

When making a page for a new mod make the page name Game Name mods/Mod Name

Add the Infobox mod template. For the logo imgur's medium thumbnail is a good size.

Upload your mod to multiple sites, use something like if you can. As everything is hosted externally, the more mirrors the better.

If your mod is big, consider making a torrent.