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Collapsed DC
Developer SomeKindOfElephant
Latest version 1.2
Release date 2019-11-21

Description[edit | edit source]

Created By SomeKindOfElephant


Mod Overview

Collapsed DC is set in the rubble of the old world, featuring five interior cells and a medium sized world which will have you climbing through rubble to reach its corners. It features an environment completely distinct from the rest of the game, with complete devastation dominating the landscape.

The environment is crafted to provide a sense of annihilation, with an almost canyon like landscape of rubble and debris. I've been careful to respect continuity, since the environment can be partially viewed from Dupont Circle. I have also crafted my own interior lighting system which makes use of a day and night cycle, and I believe it's the first of its kind.

While exploring the ruins, you'll find out about a prototype weapon developed by the old world, lost in transition during a transfer. Will you be the one to recover it?

The entrance to Collapsed DC is found to the north of Dupont Circle. Good luck wanderer.


  • Point Lookout - Uses a few objects.


Install through your favourite mod manager, and uninstall the same. There are two plugins, enable both of them. I have only tested installation with Vortex, and so that's what I'd recommend.

TTW Conversion

If you're interested in a Tale of Two Wastelands conversion.


Thanks to:

Programmes used:

  • GECK - Thanks Bethesda for a mostly functional tool that's allowed such great projects to come to fruition.
  • GECK Extender - Greatly improves GECK functionality and ease of use.
  • Fallout 3 with Point Lookout - Great game and great DLC.
  • NifSkope - Used to create custom signpost models and to do general Mesh editing.
  • Blender - Used to export insignificant dice mesh.
  • FO3Edit - Used to clean the mod file and general editing.
  • FO3LODGEN - Used to generate object LOD in the world.Resources Used:
  • IBS Cannon - It's a shit-shooting modders resource.

Download[edit | edit source]

Screenshots[edit | edit source]