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Immersive Corpses
Developer EconomyWonderglue
Latest version 8.1
Release date 2018-09-21

Description[edit | edit source]

Immersive Corpses replaces the hanging and dismembered raider corpses throughout the main game and DLC with custom EVB/CBBE versions.

What Makes This Mod Immersive and Lore Friendly?

Consider this, if a raider goes through the trouble of hanging, beheading, and possibly even raping a wastelander, at some point taking their clothes off must have been necessary. Additionally, factories no longer produce new clothing in the post apocalyptic world so you're going to take whatever you can get your hands on. Why leave a perfectly good piece of clothing or armor on a corpse when yours is riddled with bullet holes? Using this mod enhances the amount of humiliation that was intended for the body when it was hung and beheaded while further scaring wanderers who trespass raider territory. Even Jesus Christ was naked when he was hung upon a crucifix.

Installation and Usage:

This mod is a standalone and will not conflict with any other mods therefor you can install CBBE and use the EVB version of this mod or vice versa. Use NMM or manually drop the files into their corresponding directories. Enabling the optional "Immersive Corpses.esp" plugin will affect game performance in some areas but will also add more corpses because it disables precombined geometry in the cells where corpses are located. Downtown cells are affected worse than others by disabling precombined geometry so if you're already having FPS issues then consider leaving the optional "Immersive Corpses.esp" plugin disabled. Plenty of corpses are not a part of Fallout 4's precombined geometry which means this mod works great even without the plugin running. Optional textures are available for all versions. I personally recommend trying out the EVB version with Zentience's Nuclear Nude EVB Smutty Textures; it's a good combination that still allows CBBE to be install for everybody else.

Download[edit | edit source]

Screenshots[edit | edit source]

22938-0-1490178339.png 22938-0-1490225942.png 22938-0-1490226378.png 22938-0-1490400790.jpg 22938-0-1490401303.jpg 22938-0-1490423157.jpg 22938-0-1490591387.jpg 22938-0-1490618399.jpg 22938-0-1490623178.jpg 22938-0-1490684332.jpg 22938-0-1490690234.jpg 22938-0-1490776999.jpg 22938-1-1490178338.png 22938-1-1490226377.png 22938-1-1490401303.jpg 22938-1-1490591387.jpg 22938-1-1490690233.jpg 22938-2-1490178338.png 22938-2-1490226377.png 22938-2-1490591386.jpg 22938-3-1490226376.png 22938-3-1490591386.jpg 22938-4-1490178336.png 22938-4-1490591386.jpg 22938-5-1490178336.png 22938-5-1490591385.jpg 22938-6-1490591385.jpg 22938-7-1490591385.jpg