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User Requests[edit | edit source]

These are ideas to modify games.

Optimization mods: Some developers, unfortunately, never take the time or effort to properly fix or optimize a game when it is released on PC, so instead, the community of said games take it upon themselves to fix the games and properly optimize them so they can run properly on PC.

  • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - MGSHDFix. Essential mod that adds more quality of life improvements to MGS3.
  • MGS3MC Better Audio: Fixes the low quality compressed audio by porting the sound files from the PlayStation 3 HD Collection.

Heterosexual mods: Some heterosexual players like to feel represented in modern games. They should have the freedom to enjoy mods reflecting that subversive gender identity in the privacy of their homes.

  • Bully (Canis Canem Edit) - Remove faculty of giving flowers to and kissing boys.
  • Cyberpunk 2077 - No Claire. No male prostitutes. No Kerry Eurodyne. Remove trans options from character creator. Remove faculty of cross-dressing.
  • Deltarune - Change Noelle's dialogue and interactions to remove any hints of romantic or sexual interest in people of her same sex.
  • FIFA and PES - Remove LGTV flags and similar civilization ending ideals. Disable women football because it is all too often a spectacle tolerating brutality and violence against women, and some viewers have the right to tune out of it.
  • Fire Emblem Fates / Awakening / Encore / Three Houses - Just like how mods exist for making everyone bisexual, a hetero-only mod doing the opposite should also be made and uploaded.
  • Gotham Knights - Remove the LGBT flag in the belfry. Remove the text messages about going to the gay pride parade (why the hell is it in here?), remove talks about Tim having a boyfriend (fans still haven't accepted that a character portrayed straight for decades whom they can read the thoughts of would suddenly turn gay. Ideally replace it with talks about his girlfriend Stephanie. Otherwise just mute it). If completionist, replace the weird abnormal amount of female trans-looking enemy thugs.
  • Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town - A remake of Harvest Moon GBA that turned everyone into a sex harasser and removed rival love events. A predatory serial harasser incel's paradise, a normal person's hell. Revert the NPC personalities to the GBA version back when they weren't forced to be player-sexual for the sick enjoyment of serial harasser incel players who cheered for these changes.
  • No Man's Sky - Replace "they/them" neutral language with language less mocking of people with multiple personalities disorder.
  • Rune Factory 5 - The game normalizes sexual harassment everywhere every time you talk to someone. It's possible to revert the game to a pre-LGBT update state and still keep the localization with some file modifications (due to them leaving lots of unused content)
  • The Outer Worlds - Convert Parvati (have it explore its sexuality and experiment with normal reproductive sex, and not be trapped in rigid same-sex social constructs); also remove rainbow-washing texts and conversations regarding Alex and Udom.
  • The Sims (all, mainly 3 and 4) - Remove romantic same-sex interactions for the player and also for every NPC; and also remove same-sex romance from story progression. Just like blackface is a crime, so is rainbowface.

Multiple Gender Identity mods: Modern critical theory states that the answer for the question "How many genders there are on the spectrum?" is: As many as you want. Unfortunately, pervasive bigotry attitudes has prevented games from representing those whose favorite number is "two genders", an injustice carried against billions of human beings. Their identities are erased systematically, even at times replaced with blank text or weird stuff like "Type A/Type B". My gender identity is not a SLUR! It's "Male" and "Female", thank you very much.

  • Animal Crossing (Switch) - Restore Boy / Girl terminology removed from the English version
  • Demon's Souls Remastered - Remove Type A / Type B and replace it with less sexist terms that don't raise the question why only Type B gets to wear a towel
  • Harvestella - Remove third gender option from the new game character creator to spare confused players from playing the game while everyone dehumanizes them, down to the weird inhuman voice-modulator acting.
  • Ni-Oh 2 - Remove Type A / Type B and replace it with a more descriptive term. We're not Promised Neverland numbered cattle.
  • WarioWare 3DS - Revert the toilet microgame to its original state and keep the original message that sexual harassment is not okay

Racial diversity mods: Any player should have complete customization over the color of the players, but also the NPCs. All-black, all-white, all-asian... all fantasies are valid and a way for everyone to grapple with systems of oppression and avoid unintentional whitewashing / blackwashing that does more to hurt than to celebrate our cultural differences and uniqueness.

  • Advance Wars (Switch) - Mod to freely adjust the races of the foot soldiers. This makes the game less like a colonialist wetdream of sending poor african conscripts to die for some jingoistic prepubescent white boy who will eat ice cream with the enemy CO later.
  • Sleeping Dogs - Remove or change the race of the one wakandan ubermensch (called King). Also, the game needs a full girlfriend system, such as calling your girlfriend and going on a date (it was planned but never finished by the developers).
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Mod to undo native American erasure. (Strictly local play due to anti-cheat issues)

Headcanon mods: The death of the author is a neat concept. We need to take control of narratives and stories and make them our own. Let's write our headcanon and roll with it, author tears be damned!

  • The Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes - Replace the Zelda costume with the missing fourth Link color, for the complete Four Swords experience
  • The Last of Us (Part I) - Remove horror scenes of reptiles cuddling with humanoids from the same-sex from the DLC. Add female zombies to the enemy pool like how it was before the sexist Druckmann forced women erasure on the project.

Retranslation mods: Lately, sinophobic and anti-Japanese attitudes bubbled to the surface at some modding hubs, who now declare the Japanese language as a problematic languages, and all game mods that attempt to retranslate from it instead of the American versions are now deemed problematic. This is an unfortunate california-centric worldview that needs to be challenged and called out.

  • Dragon Quest 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (3DS), 9, 11 - Restore puff-puff text in the English version, and in the case of 11 restore it from Japanese 3DS prerelease material. For 8, restore costumes with PS2 geometry.
  • Rune Factory 3 Special - Some lines in the new translation should be reverted to the DS localization or retranslations of the Japanese text.
  • Yakuza 3 Remastered - A removed cutscene erasing flamboyant transexual behavior should be restored. Some lines in the new translation should be reverted to the PS3 localization or retranslations of the Japanese text or fan restorations of the hostess quests.
  • Yakuza 4 Remastered - An actor's likeness, and some lines in the new translation should be reverted to the PS3 localization or retranslations of the Japanese text or fan restorations of the hostess quests.

Modifications made for the Middle East should be converted to standalone patches applicable on all platforms for preservation and research purposes.