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Deleted or lost mods[edit | edit source]

User Requests[edit | edit source]

These are ideas to modify games.

A to Z:

  • Bully (Canis Canem Edit) - Remove faculty of giving flowers to and kissing boys.
  • Cyberpunk 2077 - Kill Claire. Kill male joytoy (prostitute). Kill Kerry Eurodyne. Remove trans options from character creator. Remove faculty of cross-dressing.
  • FIFA and PES - Remove LGTV flags and similar degeneracy, and remove women from playing football.
  • No Man's Sky - Remove incorrect "they/them" neutral language.
  • Sleeping Dogs - Remove or change the race of the one subsaharan (called King). Also, the game needs a full girlfriend system, such as calling your girlfriend and going on a date (it was planned but never finished by the developers).
  • The Last of Us (Part I) - Remove abominable same-sex behaviour from the DLC.
  • The Outer Worlds - Convert Parvati (remove same-sex degeneration); also remove degenerate texts and conversations regarding Alex and Udom.
  • The Sims (all, mainly 3 and 4) - Remove romantic same-sex interactions for the player and also for every NPC; and also remove same-sex romance from story progression.