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Patriarchy Mod
Developer Oatman
Latest version 1.1
Release date 2021-01-01

Description[edit | edit source]

Get ready to clean your rooms, buckos. Because, it's about to get real.

This mod reduces the overall percentage (%) chance of female politicians and generals.

This mod was made after some research into the frequency of women in power in the Classical time period. This mod is not meant to belittle women, but attempt to historically put them in their societal role at the time. And female rulers are incredibly rare. There are few known instances of a woman leading armies, with only a few more examples of women in political power (usually through marriage).

  • Does not change starting characters and leaders (so females are more common at the beginning of the game). This mod would have to be a huge overhaul of the starting positions, which would make it incompatible with TPY and faction mods.
  • Latest Patch (November, 2020) Compatible.
  • Works with all mods that do not edit the db's tables for female general/politician frequency.
  • Not compatible with DEI. Divide Et Impera uses its own values for the percentage chance of politicians and generals. Some day I might make a submod, but DEI does a good enough job in which I don't find this mod necessary.

Patch 1.1 is here! Not only can female rulers now use their skills, they are also given traits if they are the faction leader.

Enjoy the mod!

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